We proudly delivered good business results in profitability and annual revenue through our great efforts in actively managing our profile, accelerating innovation, and taking a leadership role in sustainability.


Quality is important to our business because we value our customers. We aim to provide services for our clients that meet and even exceed their expectations.
Reecons is dedicated to continuous improvement and we have set up a quality management system that offers a framework for the output to be evaluated and enhanced by regular assessment and monitoring from customer feedback; training employees; periodic audits of internal processes; measuring quality goals that reflect business objectives; reviewing audit results, customer reviews, and complaints by the top management.


HSE Policy is signed by Managing Director and committed by Top Management throughout the implementation of the construction process to ensure a safe and healthful workplace for all our employees. With the mission of focusing on employees occupational health and safety and commit to protecting the environment, Reecons officially announces HSE policy as the following:

daily toolbox meeting

Conduct every morning on the daily morning basis before the work starts

house keeping day

Conduct once every week to keep a tidy site and reduce the risk of accidents and fire.

weekly safety meeting

Conducted weekly to review and foreseen safety training plans for forthcoming works.

site safety patrol

Conduct weekly to ensure habitual safety practices on a work site begin with proper orientation.

milestone celebration

Celebration on every significant milestone to be the motivation for every people involved on-site.

pre-job training

Conduct before carrying out any dangerous work. Work consequences and SWMS are instructed clearly to relevant people.

daily health check

Before entering the site, everyone must have their temperature checked to avoid contamination risk

waste sorting

Garbages and wastes are sorted and neatly arranged



In every project, quality & safety are our prioritized commitments in order to maintain the project realization as promised. After the project handover, we are always honored to receive incentives from clients as an acknowledgment of our accomplishments during the construction period.

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