Inspection and acceptance of electrical firefighting pumps on “Idemitsu Green Energy Pellet”

On the “Idemitsu Green Energy Pellet” construction site, the inspection and acceptance of the installation of electrical firefighting pumps were conducted by Reecons Engineering’s QAQC engineers last week. Testing of firefighting electric pumps is very important to ensure reliable operation, compliance with regulations, equipment longevity, and public safety.

Any issues or faults can be identified and addressed during testing before they cause a major failure in an actual emergency circumstance. It additionally helps to ensure that the pump is functioning when required and can deliver water to the fire site quickly and efficiently.

Reecons’ dedication to excellent work has been recognized by the Idenmitsu and TTCL Project Management Teams. As a result, we are grateful to both our customers and partners for awarding us the certificate for 500,000 safe-man hours without lost time injury as a proof of strong team in both quality and HSE aspects.

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