10th-year Company Anniversary Celebration

Exactly 10 years ago, the former of Reecons Engineering – Recorp Company – was established at the first office headquarters in Phu Nhuan district, Ho Chi Minh City. The first office, with only 25 square meters and three staff, serves as the foundation for the start of a long journey.

Today, 28 May 2022, we, with over 100 members, are honored to be here to reflect on the last decade with a wide range of emotions and to look forward to the opportunities and challenges that await us in the future.

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When we reflect on how far we’ve come and how much we’ve accomplished, several words immediately come to mind: challenging, satisfying, surprising, and humbling. But one word sticks out above the rest: appreciative.

From its very beginning in 2012, the company has worked on a variety of small-scale projects, with the largest contract amounting to VND1 billion. Recorp shifted to a larger location after three years at the Phu Nhuan office since the winning of Anova FeedMill contract, which was the company’s largest contract sum to date. Recorp has grown and acquired more industrial projects since then, until 2018, we formally relocated to Thu Duc city, renamed Reecons Engineering, and launched the new office.

We shift offices once every three years, which is an interesting coincidence. Those relocations are all related to an explosive Reecons milestone, which is when we were trusted and permitted to execute projects of great value, as well as stated the desire to expand the space because Reecons are welcoming more and more new talents every day.


We are grateful to our initial customers for providing Reecons with a future and several opportunities to demonstrate our construction capabilities. In response to such trust, Reecons is constantly building a firm with strong core values in order to develop internal strength and be a trustworthy partner.

After a decade of development, we are now having over 100 employees, 03 offices nationwide, and 500+ partners and suppliers all around the world, as well as fantastic support from our clients.

You, our fantastic clients and partners, drive all we do at Reecons, from planning until construction. And, with full commitments, we will continue to listen to and engage our clients as we strive for a perfectly satisfying experience for every industrial investor.




Within the framework of the company’s 10th anniversary, we have accompanied each other on a very memorable and challenging trip. The challenges here are likened to the ones we’ve encountered over the past 10 years. Like it or not, businesses will always have challenges at each certain stage, and at those stages, you must be the one to come up with a strategy to pass or you will be left behind.

The trip started from Da Lat and ended in Nha Trang, lasted 3 days and 2 nights with four main activities: canyoning, camping, cycling and Gala Dinner. We, the more than 60 crew members, got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn our limitations, the power of teamwork, and the magnificence of nature.


The first day of the trip started with great experiences in the sport of Canyoning. We are present at Dalanta Waterfall Tourist Area from 7:30 am to do warm-up work, divide groups, change protective clothing, and basic training skills in using lifeguards for climbing. In 5 hours, 7km trekking through forests and streams, we have successfully overcome all 5 difficult challenges:

✔️ Challenge 1: Swing down the first 18m high cliff.
✔️ Challenge 2: sliding wall. You have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the cool water in Da Lat.
✔️ Challenge 3: and also the highest and most beautiful waterfall in the program that if you only visit Datanla waterfall, you will not have the opportunity to admire: 25m waterfall. Swinging down this wall, will be a true challenge to overcome yourself in terms of courage. It feels great to have passed this challenge.
✔️ Challenge 4: jump freely from the cliff 7m into the water. Don’t know how to swim? The answer is no problem. You are equipped with life jackets, and if you cannot swim to the shore, the guide will help you to get ashore.
✔️ Challenge 5: washing machine waterfall. True to its name, when you swing in, the cool water will almost drown, and spin you around. Only a few seconds later that same water will push you out.

After a tiring day, we returned to the peaceful camping area, gathered together with a delicious BBQ meal, and enjoyed the romance and cold of Da Lat in May. By the quiet lakeside, some of us choose to experience SUP rowing to explore a poetic, contemplative lake on the other side.


The second day started full of energy, and everyone in the group was excited for the next challenge: Cycling from the mountain town of Da Lat to the coastal city of Nha Trang.

After being taken to the gathering point by the guides, we quickly chose for ourselves a bike that fits, is sturdy, and safe. It is indispensable for helmets, gloves, and masks to ensure 100% safety during the trip. Our group consists of 60 people and the road is 50km long with many different terrains. The challenge is for the first 15km, the first person to the finish line will receive a Warrior medal and a very valuable gift. Of course, the first 15km is not an easy one.

The whole group will start to warm up and get used to their bike on the first 5km on a flat road. This session did not make it difficult for the team’s determination to win. After drinking enough water and getting ready for the next 10km uphill climb, the group started off in excitement. 

Along the way, we feel our own smallness and the grandeur of nature. The landscape is truly majestic and full of life. After 15 minutes of climbing, our group was also tired. Some people decide to preserve their strength by walking, some are still very determined to cycle to the end of the road, and some stop to rest.

During the difficult times, we feel an encouragement, an interest or even a small bottle of water is strength, a great consolation to go together to the final destination. As the saying goes “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

Our ladies are full of energy and ready for the race

Everyone is listening to instructions from the guide about safety and the race.

and the race officially begins…

The first 5km can’t make it difficult for our warriors

The next 10km with many vertical slopes causes many difficulties for the racers.

If you can’t cycle anymore, you can walk or even take a nap.

When we reach the top of Khanh Le pass, the race is over, the prizes are called for 2 excellent bikers. …

… and it is the start for the downhill sections that require driving skills.

After 50km of total, we stopped at Nha Trang for lunch and continue to arrive at iBis Nhat Trang for the Gala Dinner

On the cozy evening of May 28, at iBis Style Nha Trang Hotel, the 10th-anniversary party was officially held. Despite spending two days immersing in nature and taking on many challenges, everyone still attended the party in elegant, luxurious, and beautiful clothes. The main colors of the Gala night are white and blue, as well as the color of the company logo. A special feature of the program is the ship model.

In the field of business, when wishing each other all the best, and favorable business, people often use the phrase “smooth sailing”. And the sailboat symbol, therefore, becomes a lucky symbol that is always used to symbolize a certain company. The captain whose mission is to steer and orient the boat is the BODs, Managers. But whether that boat goes fast, or goes slowly, or can firmly move forward in the face of challenging waves or not, depends on the sail. The solidarity, effort, determination, and dedication of both minds and strength of the collective of employees create a sail that stretches the wind to push the boat further and further away, towards achievements, and achieve successes. and growing.

For the past 10 years, we have been together, creating success, all your efforts and efforts are truly precious. On the stage is our most vivid symbol. Each individual took to the stage and personally enrolled himself on the sails. Let’s continue to be a united, and strong group to continue to grow and grow.

Each employee is called by name to place his or her image on the Reecons’ boat.

All of our members are like sails, the engine for the company to go forward

The determination are clearly shown on the faces of BODs and Managers for the next 10 years full of hope

The night of the party also took place the awarding program for all 05 excellent teams in the Canyoning challenge of day I and 02 special prizes for the two individuals who excelled in the first place in the cycling race on day II.

Reecons also wishes to express our sincere thanks to our clients, partners, and close friends who have supported and been by our side during this memorable and emotional 10-year journey. We expect and take leaps and bounds of growth and development based on sustainable values to create the next 10 years of greater success and betterness.

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