Design Consultancy
We understand that each client has different requirements, so from the beginning, our solutions are customized to fit each project. From planning and design to construction, our engineers provide assistance through the whole project time.


Our experienced engineers provide turnkey solutions with an efficient design & build approach. Being a single point of responsibility allows to conduct the projects without boundaries, communicate instantaneously, thus significantly reduce the time to complete the project, compared to the traditional approach.

Reecons provides the design with drawings, specifications, bills of quantity, and calculations in accordance with local & international standards, requirements, complying with the visions of clients. Sustainability philosophy leads in the broad sense (financial & environmental) enable us to constantly challenge building technologies and processes.

Design & Build Project Delivery

The owner manages only one contract with a single point of contact: design and contractor are on the same team, providing unified recommendations and reducing communication times, allowing the project to be completed on time.

Traditional Project Delivery

The owner must manage various contracts; the owner acts as a go-between, resolving disputes between designers and contractors. Cost overruns and other issues are the responsibility of various parties, resulting in time delays and misunderstandings.


Since 2017, as part of our effort to grow with multi-disciplined services, Reecons has trained and empowered our Engineering Department to deliver design and value engineering through building information modeling (BIM).

Through 5 years of implementing BIM in our projects, we are able to detect, diagnose, and fix constructability problems before construction starts. This benefits the project timeline, possible maintenance & audit works and contributes to reducing construction costs for the investors.

We understand that each client has different requirements, so from the beginning, our solutions are customized to fit each project. From planning and design to construction and operation, our engineers provide assistance through the whole project life time.



Power System Analysis

Implementing the analysis of the power system allows to conduct a phase analysis of each component, track the voltage of different buses, the actual and reactive power flow between buses, plan the potential expansion of the current system and analyze the system under different conditions of failure and on the basis of different scenarios.

Hydraulic Calculation

Implementing the hydraulic calculation allows to determinate the need for hydraulic supply and the water pressure needed to sustain the necessary flow, leading to the correct size of pipes and equipment will be selected based on the analysis.

Heat Load Calculation

With heat load measurement, we calculate many aspects in order to find the appropriate system capacity for optimal performance and comfort, and come up with a system that consumes less energy, achieves better results, and lowers monthly operating costs.

Equipment and Routing Relocation

Spotting the optimized location and routing connection, we ensure easier maintenance and reduce safety issues inducing a huge saving on the cost for piping, valves, ducts, etc. for investors

Materials and Equipment Selection

The selection of materials and equipment is made to find the environmental and energy-efficient materials with best practices in order to avoid oversizing and overdesigning based on the market and local conditions.

Energy Solutions

Energy Efficiency

The selection of the main equipment considers energy efficiency relatively to the project's objectives, through the evaluation of respective coefficient of performance (COP) - but more importantly as a whole, as single facilities are related and impact on each others.


Numberous control types are used to operate lighting system, including switches, occupancy and photosensors, and other automatic control systems to manage lighting along with other facilities, with the objective of improving energy savings, productivity and well-being of building users.

HVAC System

Different solutions from using well-isulated pipes, ducts, and outlets to trap in all the heated or cooled air to and preserving airflow and choosing a right type of air conditioning system that could contribute greatly to the operation cost of a property

Power Monitor System

The power monitoring system provides the data required for important energy management such as capacity analysis of electrical panel, troubleshoot of circuit breaker trips, detection of energy costs and uncovered energy waste

Brand & Vendors

Afforable Brands with Equivalent Quality

We offer methods of evaluating the entire engineering strategy based on market experience to find out whether there is a possibility of proposing a better brand name, a better price but still qualifying the same requirements.

Vendors with good services and fast delivery

With a physical inventory of the equipment & vendors on hand, we propose different options along with good after-sale guarantee and maintenance services, fast responding and close to the construction site to reduce the cost and time of delivery.

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