of work

HVAC System
Central Chiller
VRF system
Split type system

Medium and High Voltage
Low and extra-low Voltage
Main Feeder
Earthing & Lightening
Data & Telephone
CCTV & Security

Water Treatment

Fire Alarm
Foam Fire Fighting
Gas suppression
(FM 200, CO2)

Reecons offers 24/7 MEPF system comprehensive and preventive maintenance services

Gas piping
Gas tank installation
Process ventilation
Process cooling water
Utility piping
(steam, compressed air)


Being a single point of responsibility allows us to conduct our projects without boundaries, communicate instantaneously, thus significantly reduce the time to complete the project, compared to the traditional approach. Our philosophy for sustainability leads in the broad sense (financial & environmental) leads us to constantly challenge building technologies and processes.


Since 2017, as part of our effort to grow with multi-disciplined services, Reecons has trained and empowered our Engineering Department to deliver design and value engineering through building information modeling (BIM).

Through 5 years of implementing BIM in our projects, we are able to detect, diagnose, and fix constructability problems before construction starts. This benefits the project timeline, possible maintenance & audit works and contributes to reducing construction costs for the investors.


In addition to our internal effort for quality and 0% defect commitment, we provide a guarantee of free maintenance up to 2 years after completion of all our projects. Our dedicated maintenance team excels in both preventive and reparative maintenance and keeps on continuous training on the evolution of technology.


Reecons provides a professional maintenance service to help you inspect and evaluate your project to determine risks, maintenance plans, necessary remediations, etc. The maintenance works are performed by a dedicated maintenance team specialized in various disciplines.

With a long-term maintenance contract, we guarantee peace of mind to our clients and partners by keeping your project functional and livable.

A thorough preventive maintenance allows to anticipate the risk of disruption that could affect the operation and result in high reparative maintenance costs.


Quality Management System

Environmental Management System

Occupational Health and Safety Management System


Quality is important to our business because we value our customers. We aim to provide services for our clients that meet and even exceed their expectations.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement and have set up a quality management system that offers a framework for our output to be evaluated and enhanced by regular gathering and monitoring from customer feedback, training and growth our employees, periodic audits of our internal processes, measuring quality goals that reflect our business objectives, reviewing audit results, customer reviews and complaints by the top management.


HSE Policy is signed by our Managing Director and committed by Top Management throughout the implementation of the construction process to ensure a safe and healthful workplace for all our employees.

Reecons’s HSE Management System (HSEMS) complies with Vietnam’s legislation and refers to the quality management process to incorporate into the HSE management approach. Utilizing this process allows the project to maintain a continual improvement cycle. These improvements are expected to be realized by the reduction of onsite risks in a systematic manner.

In every project, quality & safety are our prioritized commitments in order to maintain the project realization as promised. After the project handover, we are always honored to receive incentives from clients as an acknowledgment of our accomplishments during the construction period.