Year End Party – Goodbye 2021

The year 2021 has gradually closed with successes, efforts and challenges. As a way to look back at the previous year as a preparation to enter the new year, on 16th January, Reecons organized a cozy, friendly but also very vibrant and impressive year-end party.

The party opened with a vibrant spring performance of dancers in Ao Dai. Followed by the opening speech of Mr. Le Van Tuan – Director of the company. He shared: “2021 is one of the challenging and arduous years, along with the blockade and suspension of construction activities that have affected the situation and operational performance in the past year. However, we can be optimistic and expect 2022 with more positive effects through the business plans and development plans of each department. Wishing all Reecons employees a warm and prosperous New Year.”

After the opening speech of the program, all department heads joined the Director in Opening Champagne, marking the end of the old year and the beginning of the new year The party started with the buffet and the many “1…. 2 …. 3 dzo” are very energetic in each corner of the table. Everyone enjoyed the moments of meeting and exchanging with each other, between the construction and office team, between the technical department and the sales department.

The two MCs changed into a yellow suit with bold sea air to prepare for the dramatic second part of the show. Start by rewarding individuals for their hard work, dedication, and versatility on-site and in the office. Names were called up in the cheers and congratulations of all employees. Next, we also do not forget to express our gratitude to the employees who have accompanied and attached to Reecons for a very long time. More than 15 names were called up and were honored to receive certificates of merit and small gifts from the Head of departments.

The dancers once again appeared on the stage, but this time in very sexy outfits along with the energetic music background. The whole space seemed to be exploded by the beautiful dances, the interaction with the audience from our beautiful girls. Capturing that atmosphere, our MC Thanh Van immediately started the game “Tam Sao Thất Bản”. The MC gave tough gestures for both teams to copy and …. paste to the next teammate, and the whole stage got a burst of laughter. The indispensable is the program “Karaoke . On the construction site, they always wears a safety vest, but our brothers are all anonymous singers. Especially, it is worth mentioning the harmonious combination between Mr. Phuc (Site Manager) and Mr. Van (MC cum HSE Manager). The performance of the entire Nutreco crew really made the stage explode, and not forget to mention the lyrical French music from our Business Development Director.

Immersed in the melody, we also can’t forget the moment when one by one was “dropped” into the pool. It’s Reecons spirit: Play hard, work harder! When the party atmosphere is at its peak, the Bingo game to find the lucky ones for prizes under 5 billion dong makes everyone more nervous. After 15 minutes of drawings, we found 6 lucky winners, congratulations!

Sincere thanks to the organizers including Ms. Thao (Human Resources Manager), the entire Human Resources Department, Mr. Van (HSE Manager), Mr. Van IT and many others who were behind the success of the party.

Happy New Year! Goodbye 2021 and welcome 2022.

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