Reecons proudly announced 50,000 safe hours achievement

Reecons Project Management team and all the workers taking photo after the ceremony

Our pleasure to announce that we have achieved 50,000 hours with absolutely no lost-time accidents on Hayat Kimya Factory construction site. It is a milestone of immeasurable value because in the effort to obtain a good safety result in the construction environment with full of challenges to manage on a daily basis, the mix of workers with the consequent communication and coordination problems. 

On the 16th of December, the celebration of this milestone was carried out with a great success led by Mr. Van (HSE Manager) and Project Management Team with the participation of the whole staff of the site (Reecons, Hayat Investor, Artelia Consultant and Subcontractors).

All the staffs from Reecons, Hayat and subcontractors are attending the ceremony
Prizes are well prepared to be given to the best workers

The giving prizes and Certificate of Safety Merit session was held to show our appreciation for 19 workers with the highest awareness and the most active actions to conduct and follow safety guidelines on-site during their work. From here we want to congratulate all our colleagues assigned to Hayat Kimya project for their contribution to the company’s goal of “zero accidents” and encourage them to continue in this line until the end of the project.

As one of the best competent ingredients from our business, safety during construction works has always been our most concern and value. We engage a strong HSE team to maintain HSE compliances following ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 which Reecons has achieved, and to transform the working environment into a lively, safe, and motivating place where every single worker and engineer can conduct their best efficiency. 

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